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מור ושות׳ - חברת עורכי דין

מור ושות׳ - חברת עורכי דין

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A Special Need Trust

A Special Need Trust blog special need trust

A Special Needs Trust is a type of trust designed to protect the assets of a person with a disability. A special needs fund, sometimes referred to as a supplementary needs fund, is any trust intended to hold assets for people with disabilities or special needs. It is essentially a discretionary measure designed to preserve state benefits for disabled or elderly recipients.

In other words, money in a grant fund has no effect on the recipient's ability to receive government benefits. Although there are exceptions, trustees of special needs trust funds can use money from the trust fund for things that the government does not cover in the provision of public services, such as some health cares procedures, education, and social care.

As a result, family members and friends who wish to provide financial support to a person with special needs can use special needs communities to help them retain their government benefits. For example, if you have a child or a loved one with a disability who receives or can receive government benefits, then trusting them to meet special needs may be right for you.

If you set up a foundation for the benefit of your child, all the remaining money will go to the person named in your Special Needs Trust. If you have created a trust fund for your children, any money left in this trust fund will go to him and his children and / or the children. When you set up a trust fund for your child, the money that remains in that trust fund will go to you or your son or daughter or child of a person you name in a special needs trust fund, or to a family member or friend of yours.

Special needs trusts can also be used as an asset pool to enable otherwise neuro-type individuals to qualify for government benefits. A combination of trust in specific needs can be an effective means of protecting the means – the verified benefits of a self-determined non-governmental benefit. The funds in the pool and the assets of the trustees can either be used to supplement the state benefits received by the trustee or as a source of income for the beneficiary.

Merging Special needs trust funds can also be beneficial when it is not enough, for example when a large sum is awarded from an inheritance. One of the advantages of a self-created special needs trust is control of the beneficiary's assets after the beneficiary dies. In order to protect the beneficiary, the beneficiary may transfer the inheritance or life insurance benefits provided to the Special Needs Foundation. A special right of will, can also be created by a spouse or used in a will without the individual being excluded from the benefits.

The recipient, the person who will benefit from the Foundation, can establish a special needs foundation as long as he or she is competent. The main rule of a special needs trust fund is that the trust fund cannot provide accommodation, food, or easily convertible assets to the beneficiary. Trustees must bear in mind certain restrictions when setting up special needs communities so that disabled people can keep their state benefits.

If you wish to establish a special need trust in Israel, feel free to contact us and schedule a legal consultation. 02-595-3323

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