Practice Areas

Practice Areas

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Citizenship and Immigration

Acquiring the status of permanent residence, Rights and Status for foreign workers, The Graduated Procedure for spouses Any matter related to Population and Immigration Authorities in Israel

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Family & Inheritance Law

Premarital agreements, cohabitation, Joint Parenting, Surrogacy, Divorce, Asset Division, Child Custody, Paternity Claims, Continuing Power of Attorney, Wills and Inheritance

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Family Businesses

Consulting for Family Businesses, Intergenerational transfer planning, Family Agreements, Conflict preventing in family businesses and anchoring the Solutions in the family Agreements.

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Commercial Law

Daily legal support for local and foreign companies and businesses Partnership and corporation agreements, Incorporation, Import – Export, Commercial litigation, Arbitration proceedings

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Real-Estate Law

Legal representation in Buying/Selling a commercial or residential properties in Israel, Representation of entrepreneurs or residents in urban renewal process, Representation of property owners in evacuating invaders or violating tenants from the property.

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Traffic laws

Legal proceedings related to driving, vehicles and traffic offenses, drunk driving, speeding, license revocation, administrative disqualification, compensation for road accident victims

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Labor Law

Employment agreements, Legal counsel and support for employers, Employer-Employee relations, Women’s Work, Youth Work, Hearing and dismissal proceedings, Pension provisions

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Torts Law

Medical malpractice, Corporeal or property damages due to traffic accidents, Work related damages, Slander lawsuits etc.

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Polygraph Examination

A polygraph is an excellent tool for discovering factual truth. The polygraph department in our office performs polygraph tests and provides expert opinions related to polygraph tests.

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Social Security Claims

Receiving your full Rights from the Social Security, Sickness and disability claims, Pregnant women’s rights, Pension Rights, Proving Israel is your center of life

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Bankruptcy and Execution Law

Representation of beneficiaries and Debtors in execution proceedings, Collecting alimony, Implementation of judicial rulings from Israel or abroad, Restrictions and foreclosures

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